Bug ID Description
382534 Display the Patch number in firmware version, and report the version information with Patch number to the FortiGate.

Note: FortiGates running FortiOS version 7.4.0 and earlier still can show the FortiAP version without the Patch number.

753332 Foreground scanning improvements:

The 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz channels to be scanned can be pre-configured from the FortiGate. This way, channels are not being scanned all the time.

819611 Support for new model FortiAP-432FR.

Note: FortiAP-432FR can be managed by FortiGate running FortiOS 7.0.8, 7.2.1 and later.

890279 Support logging BLE raw data and sending it to the FortiPresence server.
892552 Local-bridging and external-web captive-portal SSID supports dynamic VLAN assignment.
903097 Wi-Fi 6E Models only: Support Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

The TPM feature is disabled by default.

To enable TPM, enter the following commands in the FortiAP CLI:

cfg -a TPM=1

cfg -c

To disable TPM:

cfg -a TPM=0

cfg -c

909586 Support Polestar NAO Track integration and asset management.

To check the PoleStar RTLS configuration, enter cw_diag -c ble-polestar in the FortiAP CLI.

920073 Site Survey improvements.

  1. Configure channel-bonding bandwidth for site survey SSID

    New CLI variables are added for 2.4GHz and 5GHz bandwidth respectively:

    SURVEY_CW_24 = 0(20MHz) | 1(40MHz)

    SURVEY_CW_50 = 0(20MHz) | 1(40MHz) | 2(80MHz) | 3(160MHz)

  2. Support 6 GHz spectrum (Wi-Fi 6E Models only)

    New CLI variables are added for 6GHz channel, bandwidth, and transmit power:

    SURVEY_CH_60 = <6GHz channel number>

    SURVEY_CW_60 = 0(20MHz) | 1(40MHz) | 2(80MHz) | 3(160MHz)

    SURVEY_TX_POWER_60 = <6GHz transmit power in dBm>

920579 Enhance dynamic VLAN assignment based on the RADIUS attribute Tunnel-Private-Group-Id:

  1. A pool of VLAN IDs (up to 8) can be configured per VLAN name tag;
  2. Assign each client a VLAN ID from the pool by a Round-robin method.
921109 Support for MIMO mode configuration.
931158 CAPWAP Auto Health Check feature.

FortiAP periodically checks the real-time status of CAPWAP connections to the AP controllers (AC).

In the FortiAP CLI, enter cw_diag -c acs-chan-stats to get the current results.

For additional diagnosis, use cw_diag debug ping_ac to enable AC IP ping check and set ping interval (disabled by default).

940570 Improve DNS mechanism for AC Discovery.

  1. FortiAP retrieves the AC domain suffix from DHCP option 15 (e.g. „example.com”), which can be configured on a 3rd-party DHCP server;
  2. FortiAP has the default AC hostname „fortinet-capwap-controller” and combines it with the AC domain suffix as one FQDN (e.g. „fortinet-capwap-controller.example.com„) for AC discovery by DNS method;
  3. When necessary, the AC hostname can be customized by configuring AC_HOSTNAME_1/2/3 without the „.” character on the FortiAP.

Region/country code update and DFS certification

Bug ID Description
601676 Enable 5GHz UNII-1 and UNII-2 channels and adjust transmit power for region code „F” (Indonesia).
911456 Support 6GHz channels for more countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Tunisia, and etc.
913393 Enable DFS channels for FAP-432F with region code „K”.
919757 Enable DFS channels for FAP-231G/233G with region code „A”, „S”, „N” (Brazil not included), and „J”.
924432 Enable DFS channels for FAP-231G/233G with region code „F”.
924783 Enable DFS channels for FAP-231G/233G with region code „K” and „T”.
926677 Enable DFS channels for FAP-431G/433G with region code „A”, „S”, and „N” (Brazil not included).
936150 Support 6GHz channels for more countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Isle of Man, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Monaco, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Togo.