Bug ID Description
830376 FortiAnalyzer does not display the right firmware running on its managed devices.
874375 Numerous undesired VDOMs are displayed in Device Manager configuration, even after removing stills are visible.


Bug ID Description
717841 IOC events and FortiGate Event Handler events are not being sent to FortiGate from FortiAnalyzer.


Big ID Description
768270 Secure SD-WAN Monitor shows 'No Data’ if only HA member has the SD-WAN logs.

Log View

Bug ID Description
691552 FortiAnalyzer may be missing a double quote in direction log field.
761972 Log View with device name filter may not work.
763852 If a user uses „Filter Mode” and types „=”, FortiAnalyzer returns the equal character, „=”, twice.
771086 FortiAnalyzer displays Invalid log file format error message when importing log backup to FortiAnalyzer.
800675 Read-Only profile for Log View, cannot search logs because filters are not working for ’empty’ value search in drill-down page.

System Settings

Bug ID Description
748107 Additional timestamp, tz field, is being added to forwarded logs from FortiAnalyzer.
758040 FortiAnalyzer may be unable to establish Log Forward session with remote server using encrypted forwarding.
882195 If HA attribute „hb-interface” is empty, upgrading directly from 7.0.5 or 7.0.6 may unset the HA configuration.

Workaround: Ensure the „hb-interface” has been set prior to upgrading.