Active Directory (AD) domain

Bug ID Description
600379 Domain stops syncing after EMS upgrade.
605280 AD binding does not work.
639692 AD-enrolled FortiClient endpoint does not show up on EMS AD tree.
646290 AD organization units do not display on EMS domain tree.


Bug ID Description
563305 Permission denied error displays for user assigned to a limited access administrator role.
631621 EMS server log keeps reporting Failed to check email alerts error message.
642560 User cannot change time offset for cloud services.


Bug ID Description
614823 Vulnerability scan events do not show on EMS server.
636082 Deployment status does not update.
642527 EMS displays wrong away time for mobile endpoints.
646804 Endpoint details show wrong timestamp.
651485 EMS fails to display the most recently completed VCM scan.


Bug ID Description
607522 The server’s IP address was changed alert should not show in FortiClient Cloud.
640701 Installer packages created in FortiClient Cloud are only 1 KB in size.


Bug ID Description
639676 No configuration is available when installing FortiClient using MSI or MST files.
640546 Uninstaller deployment does not work.
641132 EMS 6.2 should not show FortiClient 6.4 installers.
650362 When you create a deployment package in EMS, EMS fails to show the machine hostname.
652442 EMS deployment package link shows empty files after upgrading.


Bug ID Description
610892 EMS software inventory does not display more than 50 items. Load Next 50 button does not work.
620863 EMS cannot display endpoints list.
628810 Search filter in the endpoint vulnerability list cannot find vulnerabilities included in the list.
640629 EMS shows old license expiration date when a new one is provided.
652870 EMS fails to display software inventory from endpoints.

Fabric connector

Bug ID Description
630602 Cannot display FortiClient’s record on FortiGate.


Bug ID Description
590615 Remove XSS vulnerabilities from FortiClient EMS.
614763 Customized block page reverts to default after upgrade for FortiClient endpoint and Chromebook extensions.
631740 Improve certificate upload process in EMS.
632083 EMS uptime values show NaN after upgrading.
634601 FortiGate telemetry status indicator logic fix.