Bug ID Description
990496 FortiClient flickers and opens.

Deployment and installers

Bug ID Description
953124 FortiClient Orchestrator notification does not appear when upgrade is scheduled.

Remote Access

Bug ID Description
961079 New Microsoft Teams application does not work if using application-based split tunnel.
962995 FortiSASE secure Internet access VPN frequently disconnects and requires user to log in again.
970005 DNS over TCP does not work when connected to FortiSASE and split DNS is configured.
1003780 IPsec VPN IKEv1 with certificate authentication has connection issues when off-net.


Bug ID Description
935090 FortiClient single sign-on mobility agent (FSSOMA) stops sending SSO session information to FortiAuthenticator while service is running on host.

ZTNA rules

Bug ID Description
977234 Zero trust network access (ZTNA) SAML authentication reprompts user after successful authentication with different identity providers such as FortiAuthenticator or Okta.

Avatar and social login information

Bug ID Description
950503 FortiClient (Windows) does not use the image that the user uploaded as their avatar.


Bug ID Description
1015880 User can manually stop FortiClient scheduler service installed with FortiClient under Windows Services.