Bug ID Description
692160 Wireless packets captured by FortiAP radio in Sniffer mode were corrupted.
815950 HTTPS access to the FortiAP web UI would randomly become inaccessible.
865368 When FIPS-CC mode is enabled, FortiAP should report relevant FIPS logs to the FortiGate.
926213 Fixed a kernel panic issue in target_if_spectral_finite_scan_update with INFO: rcu_preempt self-detected stall on CPU.
928135 FAP-231G/233G 2.4GHz radio sometimes would stop beaconing multiple SSIDs.
931520, 1027267 FortiAP could not properly scan wireless stations with new MAC addresses.
961896 Fixed the Polestar tag detection and relevant BLE issues in FortiAP Wi-Fi 6E models.
962577 FAP-432FR should be able to enable the same DFS channels as FAP-432F.
963924 Wi-Fi clients failed to access the Internet after roaming over local-bridging SSID from one FortiAP to another.
968461 FortiAP sometimes failed to report channel information so the FortiGate would show the operating channel as 0.
978378 FortiAP would leave the FortiGate at seemingly random times during HA setup.
979621 After a radar signal was detected on the operating DFS channel, FortiAP would leave the FortiGate and then join again.
985255 FortiAP models had incorrect antenna gain configuration.
990868 Wireless clients sometimes could not connect to FortiAP Wi-Fi 6E models due to a „4-Way Handshake timeout” error.
992823 FortiAP LLDP daemon should send the customized AP hostname in the System Name TLV.
995222 The mesh-leaf FortiAP could not connect due to a QDF ASSERT in wlan_mlme_start_sta_vdev Line 404 issue.
1008655 FortiAP was rebooted by a watchdog timer because the LLDP daemon became stuck.
1011732 FortiAP could not reconnect to FortiLAN Cloud after the network recovered from power outages.
1017829 FortiAP failed to report its LLDP neighbors to the new primary FortiGate after a HA failover.
1026503 FortiAP repeatedly left and rejoined the FortiGate when the FortiGate Session Life Support Protocol (FGSP) between two locations is enabled in the FortiGate HA setup.