Bug ID Description
904048 SAM test can support more security modes: OWE, WPA3-SAE, and WPA2/WPA3-Enterprise.
932066 WPA3-SAE SSID can support „Hunting-and-Pecking (HnP) only” setting as configured from the FortiGate.
942942 Third-party external antenna gain can be configured from the FortiGate.

Supported FortiAP models are FAP-432F, FAP-432FR, FAP-433F, FAP-233G, and FAP-433G.

963865 Improve CAPWAP connectivity over a NAT device by sending keep-alive messages at the configured time interval in „nat-session-keep-alive” from the FortiGate.
967338 Support automated reboot functionality when stuck in a discovery loop.
967547 Support simplified Bonjour profile provisioning and failover mechanism.
970729 Support individual control of IEEE 802.11k and 802.11v protocols in SSID configuration.
973755 Support new model FAP-234G.

Region/country code update and DFS certification

Bug ID Description
950124 Support 6GHz channels in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, and Saudi Arabia.
950206 Support 6GHz channels in Argentina, and El Salvador.
951886 Enable DFS channels for FAP-431G and FAP-433G with region code „T”.
974085 Enable DFS channels for FAP-431G and FAP-433G with region code „J”.

Changes in CLI

Bug ID Description
960062 Add a command to help generate private key for WPA3-SAE SSID with Public Key authentication enabled.

FortiAP CLI:

cw_diag sae-pk-gen ssid [curve:prime256v1|secp384r1|secp521r1]